Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Some Catching Up

So we moved, phew. I cannot believe we had 6 weeks and we were still right down to the wire at the end. And it isn't like I have been slacking off! Now the long task of getting a new place in order starts. It is especially tricky as this is an even smaller place than the last one. Must reducereducereduce! Good think I actually like to organize!

I haven't taken hardly any pictures, but here are a few that were floating around in my little camera. I know I have some in the big camera as well, but I have lost the reader. Bah! Guess those will show up when they show up. :)

Akasha pondering the yard. She spends alot of time out there!
"Why did you interrupt my meditation?"
Orion has been into using the little camera again, and has discovered video making as well. He likes to say silly things in another room and then come play them back for me. Sometimes he tells me what I am supposed to respond LOL!

He took this one of me. Silly smile, but he *almost* got Akasha nursing haha!
Some other things Orion finds worthy of photographing.

"Here mom, now you take a picture of me!"

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