Wednesday, March 30, 2005

I am so bad at this!

Orion is getting to that age where all the changes are subtle, but no matter what, I am way overdue for an update. Let's see...

No new teeth

He had his first taste of solids just before six months. He didn't seem to like them too much, but he is more interested now. The bananas and rice cereal definitely seemed to plug him up so we added apples. Then I remembered apples and even carrots can be a problem for some babies and that peaches and pears are the best to keep things moving. So he is having those now instead. He loves the peaches, just like his sister did and now will open his mouth very wide and also smack his lips when he wants more. Very cute.

The progression of sitting has been very gradual. At six months I started propping him up more and he would stay that way for a bit. Now he will sit all the way up for short periods. He also does OK in a highchair or shopping cart, especially if he has his floppy seat to pad him. No signs of crawling, but he is definitely scooting a bit and using the rolling method to get where he wants to be.

His fine coordination seems to be well on track. Trader Joe's is now selling a pasta made from nothing but rice and water, so it was great to be able to let him play with that. Spaghetti is one of the best things to encourage two finger grasping and he went right after it.

We have been going on hikes most weekends and he really seems to enjoy the backpack. He also likes his walker, although I try not to put him in there too much as supposedly it makes them less interested in learning to crawl. He had his first Easter at Grandma Gloria's house, and she bought him a Jumperoo. One more thing we don't have room for! But he sure does like it.

I guess that is it for now. Wonder if it will take me another month to get back on here.