Sunday, January 31, 2010

Speaking of Science...

OH MY GOD, look what I came home to on the kitchen windowsill!
Somebody must have wiped up some spice seeds and not washed the sponge. A little moisture, a little light.... voila! I haven't laughed this hard in awhile! Ron and Orion hadn't even noticed it! This rocks for a couple reasons. I have been wanting to try my hand at sprouting grains but didn't think that window would work as it doesn't get direct sunlight, especially at this time of the year. I also thought we couldn't do any of the science experiments involving sprouting for the same reason. Turns out just the daylight is enough apparently! Oh the possibilities!

A Winter Walk

I needed to kill some time in Corvallis before hitting the road in the hopes Akasha would sleep on the way home, so when I stumbled on this nature area, it seemed like a good opportunity for a walk.
Heading down the path. This area was very popular with dog owners, so Akasha was in heaven.
Looking at the river.
The trail was quite muddy. Akasha's feet say, "Squishsquishsquish".
She kept bending over and stroking the ground cover plants, saying, "Look at these flowers!"
Entranced by nature?

Then it was time to pick up little rocks...
...and give them to Mom.
On the way back to the car, she was doing this odd mummy walk. It was pretty funny!

Nonconnin' It Up!

Akasha and I went to Corvallis for the weekend to hang out with a bunch of awesome unschoolers for Mary's 50th birthday. I dutifully took my camera, then left it in my hotel room both nights. So then I stalked all my friends Facebook pages looking for pictures of Akasha. I found a few. :)

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Doll Returns...

Most of my friends think she is evil, and I guess they are right! Look at her making me cry pulling my hair will ya?
Seriously, I was laughing. I swear.

Here my Minime and I plan to take over the world.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Sweet Brother

At naptime today, Orion said, "Is it time to get the baby up yet? I miss seeing her." For all he fights over just about every toy she picks up, he does seem to like her. :)

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Weird Science

We have been getting into the science books lately. Orion really loved the whole vinegar and baking soda thing. We also did the egg floating in salt water as opposed to fresh water. The dancing raisins were good for several minutes of amusement:

I was amazed they did this for HOURS!

But the rocket balloon was by far the biggest hit of the day:

At the end of the day, we left this setup in the window:
Ah, mashed overripe banana. How much gas will it give off?
This is as big as it got. I was hoping it would actually start to blow up. Not sure why it didn't, but it for sure filled up a bit. And yeah, my window is dirty lol.

We got a chance to talk about a few neat things in this process. One was how fast reactions happen. He kept asking when the banana was going to DO something. I pointed out the baking soda and vinegar was a very fast reaction and didn't last as long, the raisins in soda water took a minute or so to get going, but lasted a long time. Now this is a super slow but ongoing reaction of many days.

The book we have also talks about the scientific method, so when Orion remarked he thought I should use more banana, I said, "Hey, I think you have a hypotheses. Are you thinking if I use more banana, more gas would be given off?" He said yes, but I only had 1 banana. I said if we did have more, we would need an exact same bottle and same balloon. He asked why so we got to talk about the principle of controls.

Fun! I love doing science experiments. There were a bunch I didn't have the items for, so now I have a shopping list!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Antique Doll... a complex female.

Does she have a headache or is it a psychic moment? I just happened to notice her sitting in this position, and it struck me as funny. I love this doll - she is almost as old as I am! I think I posted on Facebook she is stamped 1964, but I just checked, and it is 1968. Not sure if she is valuable or not. I brought her home from my dad's house because Orion said he wanted a doll that would close its eyes when it laid down. :) The detail of her fingers and toes amazes me. Her hands are so different, and if you look closely, you can see the one by her head had the thumb poking out between the index and middle fingers.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Face Family

My friend Don brought these stickers over on Christmas, and Orion has slowly been adding them to this door.

My favorite by far, though, is the guy with the wheat eyes. Orion said, "He is the scariest of all, because he has no mouth but can still talk!"

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Today after I hurt myself, Orion said, "I am glad you are didn't die, because then I would have just a dad, and he works alot." LOL and :( at the same time.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Prayer Braids!

I finally got my prayer braids done. It was such a lovely process, with a ceremony to start things off, and intentions spoken by me relating to the different colors.

When Celeste finished, she put them up in these two buns that reminded me of panda ears! Ron said it looked like an anime style lol!
Hanging down again:
View of my whole head to give a more interesting perspective:
They are also great because you can just tie them back!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Some Pictures from Summer

These are some photos from when Ron's sister came to visit. She just got around to sending them, and I thought they were cute enough to share even if they are a bit out of date. :)

Two sillyfaces.
Tired baby. Think she fell asleep shortly after this.
I wanted to get a picture of Akasha Rose here. We have one of Grandma Rose in the same spot. We will have to make a whole series!
Traci and fam on the right.
Yeah, Ron's sister is smokin' hot. LOL, does that sound weird? Really, it's OK. She is a firefighter and was actually part of a female firefighter calendar called Smokin' Hot! So I guess it is OK to say that. :)

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Huge Youtube Catchup!

Some of these are from awhile ago, but I finally got everything uploaded. Here they are in chronological order:

I thought she was pretty funny with the earphones around her waist!

"There are four George's in the world...". LOL! He uses that "in the world" phrase quite alot.

Akasha loves jumping on the bed with Orion and has gotten really into falling straight backwards.

I found this book in the dollar spot at Target, and Akasha is totally obsessed with it. I think we have read it 100 times, and she still laughs every time she sniffs it!

Akasha's favorite pastime with her daddy.

My silly girl.

On the same day, I was trying to get more bus antics and got some jumping practice as well!

Both my sillies engaged in more shenanigans.

It's all about "5, 6, 7, 8, 9" for some reason!

And last but not least, Akasha's most recent thing is listing all the people she loves. :)

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

18 Month Comparison

So A is almost 19 months. She was 18 right before the holidays, so took me a bit of time to get around to this. Wow, Orion had so much more hair. And I really see a difference in their mouth shape in this one.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Is it Just me...

... or is this a little odd in a childrens' doctor set?

Akasha is Counting

Another random development post. She has done it a couple times before, and I was wondering if it was a fluke, but last night during hide and go seek she did it a bunch of times. She is particularly enamored of 5,6,7,8,9 for some reason. has never yet said 10. just says, "9", then "here we come!"

Friday, January 8, 2010


Warning: major parenthetical alert!

I was laying in bed in the early morning hours, having been woken up by a pee incident lol, and my mind started to wander down all sorts of extended metaphor pathways.... A few days ago, I posted on Facebook about trying to turn over several new leaves. Well, I have been thinking of it as a slow, sliding in process (but no, this isn't about slide metaphors). I don't think a single leaf has truly been turned over in the way I had hoped. Such is the reason for not making New Years Resolutions (and why I didn't use that term). I know many people who are against them. It isn't really human nature to make major changes all in one day, and we often set ourselves up for failure by putting such high expectations on ourselves.

So I started wondering about the phrase. (For those of you way ahead of me who know where it comes from, bear with me, it took my brain awhile to get there at 5am.) Turning over leaves... seeing what is on the other side... two sides of the same leaf? The yin and the yang? Easily turned back the other way... susceptible to wind.

But my leaves haven't been budging much at all. Suddenly a vision came to mind of those leaves that fall on the patio and get rained on. Before you know it, they are flattened and stuck to the cement so much they might as well be decoupaged on there. The broom ain't gonna work (no clean sweep metaphors here either). Oh hey, Jessica suggested a spatula. She was really onto something. Sometimes our friends know us better than we know ourselves. It usually ends up being a pressure washer around here.

Alas, maybe this is the answer. My leaves need total obliteration. Well, that is a harsh word. But the idea is there.... Maybe old and unuseful patterns could be seen as being totally dismantled to make way for something new. Hmmm, going to have to put some more thought into this....

Next my mind went to wondering why "new leaf". Yes, it sounds great for resolutions, but you don't usually turn over new leaves; they are usually still on the tree.... Oh! Duh! I bet it is talking about pages! And sure enough the Interweb confirmed that. That really does sound more like a resolution, and very final. It isn't every often we get those epiphanies that result in instant and long lasting transformation. Well, at least *I* don't have them. Sure, there have been moments where I knew a chapter ended, and a new one began, or sometimes it felt like a whole book, but those were usually things that were out of my hands, surely uninvited and usually unwanted at the time.

(On a funny side note, I found this story several places online, though never with the original source: Oscar Wilde was urged by a friend to mend his ways, to turn over a new leaf. Wilde agreed. But a few days later, the friend returned to his hotel suite, which he was sharing with Wilde, and found Wilde apparently doing the thing which has no name with the bellboy. Shocked, the friend remonstrated: "But Oscar, you said you would turn over a new leaf." To which Wilde replied, "Yes, but I haven't yet gotten to the bottom of the page.")

Anyway, as much as I love books, I think I like the other metaphor better. It occurred to me all those leaves I was talking about obliterating could have been put in the composter. Or left in the yard to decay naturally. Either way, they are being transformed into something else. Something rich and nourishing and useful. So yeah, it is OK that change is a slow process! It is OK to trust some things will happen naturally if you stop stressing about them, but give them the right conditions - some time to sit quietly, some time to move around, a little air, a little water, and lots and lots of warmth (read understanding).

OK, so my final vision doesn't go very well with the original saying, but I can live with that. It was a useful starting place. :)

So what are your leaves?
The yin and the yang
In need of total dissolution?
Pages? Chapters? Whole books?
Happy to go into the compost pile?
Maybe already in the process of transforming?
Maybe just few deserving of being pressed and preserved? Hey, that could involve leaves AND books!

And what about the new leaves in my preferred natural metaphor? They are coming soon after all. Lots and lots and lots of them. Ah, the beauty of Abundance Thinking and surrendering to the cycles. Just more proof that the natural process is happening all around us with no help needed. Fresh soil and new growth are right around the corner. What will you do with them?

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Baby Gaga

This was day 2 of the Baby Gaga antics. She started wrapping the bubbles around herself like a shawl yesterday, so I called her Baby Gaga. She remembered and was running all over the house shouting "Baby Gaga" over and over as she twisted and draped them in every way she could think of.

I love this one as she looks like she is perfecting her red carpet walk.
Working the shawl look again.
This was when she was spinning:
This is the look she always has on her face right when she stops spinning...
...right before she falls down!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Long Day....

Phew, long day today it seemed like, with lots of ups and downs.

Ron and Orion started out the day with some errands and had a really good time. Then we had Kai's birthday party to go to, and somehow the leaving process got really stressful. He had a rough time there as well, and an even rougher time leaving, but there were some highlights.

Akasha saw this picture when I was working on this post and said, "Daddy holding baby Akasha!" That about sums it up. She is really talking these days!
She had alot of fun playing with Ciara
Beep, beep!
She was quite popular with the older kids. Xander loves babies too!
But of course the best part was cake. Notice the chunk taken from the yellow and red balloons. That was the exact piece Orion wanted, and Mama Rachele was happy to oblige.
Then Orion went home with Daddy and it was on to Lyla's birthday bash for Rachele, Akasha and I. What a lovely photo of Corina and Akasha this is! I love her colorful hair!
Group shot! Normal....
... and the make a face shot, with only some participating lol!
Love a good aftermath shot....

Apparently things went better for the boys at home as well. We all had our ups and downs this day, and Orion captured it really well. Ron told me when we got home, Orion had said a little earlier, "This was a day with all the feelings."

Saturday, January 2, 2010


Just a little developmental note to myself that Akasha is jumping! I think Sarah really got her started playing on the bed when she was here, but now she is trying to do it on the floor too, and sometimes gets a bit of air in there! Video coming soon....

Friday, January 1, 2010

NYE Family Style

It was kindof nice to stay in for once, and even nicer to not cook dinner lol! We decided to grab some Thai food and invite Rachele, Dan and Kai over. Top it off with some wine, champagne and port, and you have a fun night!

And speaking of topping it off (harhar), Rachele surprised us with some of her knitting! Matching hats for the kids, and gnome hats no less!

Oooh, a present to open!
It's a hat!
Help me put it on Mama Rachele.
I like it!
What fun to be a gnome!
Orion was happy to get his too, but Ron stole it!