Monday, January 4, 2010

Long Day....

Phew, long day today it seemed like, with lots of ups and downs.

Ron and Orion started out the day with some errands and had a really good time. Then we had Kai's birthday party to go to, and somehow the leaving process got really stressful. He had a rough time there as well, and an even rougher time leaving, but there were some highlights.

Akasha saw this picture when I was working on this post and said, "Daddy holding baby Akasha!" That about sums it up. She is really talking these days!
She had alot of fun playing with Ciara
Beep, beep!
She was quite popular with the older kids. Xander loves babies too!
But of course the best part was cake. Notice the chunk taken from the yellow and red balloons. That was the exact piece Orion wanted, and Mama Rachele was happy to oblige.
Then Orion went home with Daddy and it was on to Lyla's birthday bash for Rachele, Akasha and I. What a lovely photo of Corina and Akasha this is! I love her colorful hair!
Group shot! Normal....
... and the make a face shot, with only some participating lol!
Love a good aftermath shot....

Apparently things went better for the boys at home as well. We all had our ups and downs this day, and Orion captured it really well. Ron told me when we got home, Orion had said a little earlier, "This was a day with all the feelings."

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Shady Lady said...

What a fun day (minus the downs;)!