Tuesday, August 30, 2011

New Place With Colors!

Here are some pictures of our new place. The owner was going to paint anyway, so he let us buy the colors we wanted to use!

This is the covered porch area in the backyard. Excited to have this feature!
The kitchen - faux marble is pretty tacky, but a nice sized kitchen.
This is the converted garage, which will be a playroom!
Living room, with moss green walls and freshly redone floors as well. They came out really gorgeous! I love the retro feel of this room and hope the furniture will complement that.
The blinding lime green that Orion chose. It is even brighter in person.
Akasha chose purple. :)
Huge master with two big closets!
View of the master from the other direction.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

File Under: People Who Rock

Also file under, Why I Love Portland
Yes, that is a dog in the sidecar, and for the record, he was wearing sunglasses. Aaaaaaaaaaaahahahaha!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Beloved 2011!

I went to Beloved with just Akasha again, carpooling there with Tessi and Amma. Another awesome year! I am so glad this festival exists and that it has remained feeling true to its essence. It is so amazing to be surrounded by people who truly wish to connect with each other on a deep level. I also got to take a few cool workshops and found several bits of synchronicity with things I have been drawn to recently in my life.

I was happy that Solsara was back with their eye gazing workshops, and some really interesting stuff came out of that! There was a segment where you went to different partners, and whoever spoke up first told the other person something they saw in them. This one guy talked to me about how I was like a book that so many people have written in, but there are always more and more empty pages . I am STILL thinking about that and what it might mean! Then I had this intense reaction to this one woman I said had deep wisdom, but I just started totally crying when I was with her. It was a trip. I got to talk to her a bit later on in the weekend, but not as much as I would have liked. I hope she is there again next year!

I think my favorite new bit I got from one of the workshops was how different it feels if you eye gaze right eye to right eye versus left eye to left eye. Would love to experiment with that more! Oh, and my new musical love from this year is Rafe Pearlman. OMG, what a range and so ethereal. Makes me want to get on board with the modern times and learn how to download music and such lol. And now on to the pictures!

Parking sticker acquired at the offsite staging area and we are ready to go!
Tess is ready to get to it!
Here we come!
Blurry but cute. The camping was totally different this year. While parking was "onsite", it actually meant quite a long hike in using carts to haul your stuff. I wasn't really up to that, so took one of the spots closest to the cars. Which meant we had a bit of a hike to the main area, but it was nice because our camp area was so quiet at night when we were ready to go away from the music. And the path was lovely and lined with lights. Here is my cute little wood trekker heading to the scene for the first time this year.
Fascinated by a white parasol.
Akasha made friends with some teenage girls she just adored. You can see her with one of them on the right if you look closely. I really hope they are there again next year lol!
Akasha showed up with this beautiful piece I recognized because we had talked to the guy selling them. I was so worried she had taken it, but when I went to ask him, he had just *given* it to her because he said she was fascinated with it and it seemed like she was supposed to have it. I did give him some money for it, but I tell you, again, what an amazing group of folk!
This was the mat where the kids mostly played, and apparently the jugglers lol. This guy was alot of fun and was generous in sharing his stuff when he wasn't using it.
More trail walking. Yes, this is the trail. By the second day, the close by camping areas were pretty much full and people started putting up tents right on the edge of the walkway!
At camp, trying to get a pic of both of us. Darn she is hard to get to smile sometimes!
Although this is probably one of my all time favoritist goofy pictures of Akasha!
As usual, there were beautiful altars all over!
This is the guy that made the beautiful pendent. We met him because A was so in love with his dogs! One was a wolf hybrid, and they were both so sweet. Dogs are not normally allowed, but these two were in a training program. A loved on them all weekend!
They were very polite watchers of the music lol. I never heard them bark even once!
A dancing with my golden wrap.
I came across this guy making some impromptu art.
This gives you and idea of where he was going with it, but he added many more circles. Would love to play around with this pattern and method more. He told me it was very meditative to create.
And of course, so much amazing live art happening again.
More from the artists that were there.
Loved this altar.
And probably my favorite thing I saw the whole weekend:
This was attached to somebody's backpack, but I didn't see it until the last day. I feel like these photos capture so little of the whole experience. There are so many other things I am remembering that I wish I would have captured, but these are the images that were meant to come home with me. :)