Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Bucket that was the Inspiration...

... for one of my favorite Facebook posts ever....
I find a beautiful symmetry in the fact the same bucket used to make sand castle molds at high summer can make snow castle molds at high winter.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Are you kidding me? Snow? Today? Sarah was hoping for snow since before she got to OR, and then it starts snowing literally like an hour after I dropped her off at the airport! And boy did it ever snow. And snow and snow and snow. This is so rare for Portland, so most people really love it if we even get one good snow day. I heard on the radio it was a cold blast that came out of the Columbia Gorge. One more reason to love the Gorge! Give us just a little snow each year, but not too much. ;) Well, I wouldn't mind more really, but Portland would need to buy some plows!

I realized it is hard to get good photos with the autofocus when the snow is really coming down! The camera was confused!
And there was often a flake right in front of somebody's face lol, but I got a few good ones!
This was her face when she said, "Snooooow."

Almost such a great shot of these three, but case in point flake right in front of Orion's eye lol.
What the front of the house looked like.
Saving the best for last.... This video is hilarious! Watch Kona - she is trying to catch the snowballs! And then she would chomp chomp on what she got.

And just a cute snippet of Akasha putting all her walking skills to the test in this getup of snowsuit and too large boots!

Monday, December 28, 2009

The Grotto at Night

Went home for a rest, then headed out to The Grotto in the evening. Sarah took a ton of pictures here as well.

Orion going down the path near the entrance. He was quite taken with the luminaries but very bothered by the ones that were not lit.
Wow! I can't believe we haven't been here before!
I don't remember what this scene was all about, but I thought it was flippin hilarious they had a backpacking stove for their fire.

And then they did....
I have always loved these big altars full of votives!

Ah, the manger scene....
So of course I had to try and explain it to Orion. His question was, "Where are the queens?" ROFL, love that kid.

More scenery.

Lovely close up of the Mother.
Too bad the camel looks like it is about to eat her head lol.

This tree was cool!
Some saint I guess. My Catholic knowledge is very low.
These were like projected lights on the building. Pretty neat.
Hey, it's Saint Nick. Even I could figure that one out!
Some religious scene.... Wow, I was raised Lutheran but guess I don't remember this stuff very well!
Not sure about this one either!
The snowflakes were projected and moving on here. It was really neat!
Inside the church.
Another lovely Mary.
Another Catholic Goddess. :) That is how I see the saints anyway.
Ditto above.
OK, this one really intrigues me! I hope somebody who is Catholic or just knows can enlighten me on who this is.
Cute little creche.
My goodness, more animals? It was an animal kind of day I guess! They had a free petting zoo, which was a nice surprise for Orion.
Orion loved the animals, but poor Akasha got knocked over in their exuberant looking for food!
Do you prefer my right side?
Or my left?
More lights.

Then on our way home, we saw some guy at a bus stop surrounded by like 10 cops with guns! Kindof blew the peaceful vibe. Yikes! Overall it was an eventful day!

Alpacas and Montinore

This was such a busy day I figured I should break it into two posts! First leg of the journey, we went out to visit my friend Tanya and her lovely family, including their two new alpacas!

All bundled up and ready to go!
I stuck this beanie on her for a minute that looks like the one my dad wears. :)
So... not sure if Sarah is a great photographer or these guys are just too darn cute, or probably both, but I had a really hard time picking which pictures to post, so there are a whole bunch!

Back scratch?

Some of their expressions are almost too precious to believe!

This one looks like posing for a portrait!

I just can't help it, I actually laugh out loud every time I see this one.

So sweet!

Some cool moss on a tree.
The view from Corner Crest
Then it was on to Montinore! Sarah turned 21 in November, so she really wanted to go to at least one local place for wine tasting. This one was fairly close to North Plains, and open during the week, so it won!

Just a boy on a wall....

Grape vine in winter.
Akasha looks like she is very seriously pondering the selections.
So... not sure if Sarah is a great photographer or this little gal is just too darn cute, or probably both, but I had a really hard time picking... oh wait, this sounds familiar, you know the rest. :)

Akasha had a blast playing on this bar!
Ummmm, a future in pole dancing? :o

I thought these chairs looked like thrones! She looks so tiny in the big chair.
Pencil thief!
She actually got outside with that pencil before I noticed it, and I had to run it back inside.
Some bench jumping action!

And a still moment.
Mochimo on the path.
Cool shot of their sign Sarah took and I saturated in Photoshop.