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CA Trip November 2009 - Disneyland, Thanksgiving, etc.

At the little park next to my Dad's house, another in what is turning out to be a series of unsuccessful attempts to get a picture of both kids looking at the camera. Not to mention Little Miss Serious looking so unhappy. She seems to have one of those faces that looks sad if she isn't smiling. Believe it or not, she was having a good time! And here is some video to show it!

One of the sweetest sibling moments ever:

Some more fun at Grandpa's House:

On Wednesday, it was on to Disneyland for Sarah's 21st birthday! Wait, 21 you say? I have a 21 year old daughter? How can that be? Wow, just wow.

We drove down to Anaheim on Tuesday night and stayed at a motel so we could get a stress free start in the morning. That only kindof worked because we had alot of trouble figuring out parking and meeting up. Note to self: Write the Disney people and tell them how great they are at managing lines inside the park, so I know they can figure out a better system for boarding the parking trams. Hrm. OK, this was a DISNEY day after all. Let's check that bad attitude at the gates.

Of course, who was waiting for us on Main Street? Mickey!!!
Akasha is now obsessed with "Mickey Moush!" I don't get it. I was glad Orion never took much notice in Disney characters. Of course, he was never introduced to them.... Oh crap, what was that I said about attitude?

OK, so hey, these giant lunar Santas hanging in the trees in New Orleans were pretty cool.
And thank goodness Sarah was into taking pictures. It is a good feeling to hand your camera over to somebody you know is going to get some great shots.

Like this silly boy waiting in line for the Haunted House...
...done up all Jack Skellington style.
Silly line face. I thought he would hate the lines, but he did fine. I think he was so happy to be with his Sissy he didn't mine anything. Also, we utilized that Fast Pass thing alot. It is AWESOME>
Castle done up for the holidays - yes, the whole Winter thing here is beautiful! Although the snow was CHEEEESY.
Teacup love.
Mickey skating on a float in the parade.
Eeyore being... Eeyore.
Birthday Girl and her adoring brother.
Rare pic of me and all 3 of my kids! Thanks Katie!
More holidayness on Small World.
"I'm on a boat!" LOL
The camera wasn't focusing well in the dark, but had to include a picture each of the mesmerized little faces.

LOL at the little Elvis statue they have near Lilo and Stitch!
Here is some video of the Small World holiday scene:

This one says it all. :)
I love this one because Akasha looks like she is about to take a header out of the boat. I had a good hold on her though! :)
I loved all these lights above the tea cups!

Some stuff Sarah thinks is picture worthy LOL.
I think this is my favorite picture of the whole trip! This is a hat my mom used to wear alot, and I think everybody had it on at some point this day.
Mochimo for Mama.
Official Birthday Portrait haha.
Cool shot of the castle at night.
Inside what is now, sadly, the Tarzan Treehouse. Dude, somebody needs to remake Swiss Family Robinson I guess. Tarzan did not have a house anything like this. Lame.
Orion's turn in the hat. Overstim much?
"Yo, I rock the hat the best."
Honey pots! Akasha even has her tongue out!
Sarah and her twin, Katie. And that makes everybody in the hat!
Series of Orion doin' a little random dance.

Akasha in one of the lines, don't remember which one!
Had to include a few fireworks pictures!

Getting out of the park was absolutely INSANE. I knew it was crowded all day, but when everybody is on Main Street trying to leave at the same time... oy! We did stop at a store to get one thing for everybody. A Rosetta doll for Akasha - seemed fitting for my little Rose, a Star Tours gun for Orion (AKA Nerf gun), and a Sleeping Beauty jewelry box for Sarah.

And the next day was... Thanksgiving! Akasha learned about putting olives on her fingers! A family holiday tradition!
I think she ate her own weight in olives that day. I am going to have to buy some at home!

This is what happened when I tried to get a sibling shot on Thanksgiving lol.
Dad with Chuck and Lisa's new dog, Rosie. I think that is supposed to be a smile.
Sarah's Cake!
Too bad she was having terrible asthma that day and we kindof had to rush through dinner and cake. Snugging with Akasha. She doesn't feel well. :(
Later at home, resting and playing with Sarah's bear. Adorableness off the charts.

Random Grandpa picture. This trip was all about the hats.
On our last day, Rose, Jim, Chris, Carter and Sedona came for a visit! Best of several attempts to get a picture of all the kids together.
We have a few pictures of Grandma Rose holding both boys when they were babies, so we had to try for a matching one with the girls. And both have her name as a middle name!
I thought this one was cute as we are both busy looking at the babies.
Boys busy making a mess.
Carter really seemed to like Akasha. Here he is getting a "mochimo".
Random cuteness.

One final video of Akasha and my Dad taken on the last day:

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