Friday, December 25, 2009

And now... Christmas, of Course!

And so it begins....

The calm before the storm. Here is Orion's side of the tree:
Some stuff from his list and some great Pass it On scores.

And Akasha's side:
100% Pass it On except the doll, which is an old one that came from my mom's collection. She closes her eyes when she lays down. Orion was saying we should have a doll like that awhile ago, so when I noticed her, I tucked her away in the luggage to bring home!

Stockings quietly waiting.
Kona is not excited.
This was as close as we got to a White Christmas. The frost was really quite pretty!
Not quite ready to get up yet....
Until we reminded him Santa had been here!

Fun to see what he goes for first - the Nerf gun! Then the Legos, which he called "The Indian of Jones".

Notice all the glitter glue on the stocking-
I bought Sarah a plain one so she could decorate it, and Orion wanted to get in on the action with his!

New huggable penguin.

Akasha checkin' out one of the new blocks.
There is Sarah's stocking.
This thing was a hit with everybody. The shape in this picture is Sarah making a peace sign!
Akasha loves this "face popper" as we call it. Each little peg has a different expression.
I thought it was really neat how the lighting made this cool shadow from our gel snowman on the slider.
And now... more holiday video than you ever wanted to see!

Later that day, Sarah put this Tshirt and scarf on Akasha - adorable!
She looks like a mini adult lol.
So cute!


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