Monday, July 30, 2012

Yes the Garden is Doing Well!

I can't tell you how amazing I feel every time I see this garden.  I love living in the Pacific Northwest so much!

Camp Creek and Adventure Park

Yes I took a bazillion photos this weekend. :)  Akasha and I went up on our own for the first couple nights, and then Ron and Orion joined us to go the Adventure Park.
First look at our campsite - it was a good one!

Loved how abundant all the growth was!

Creek right where it passed our campsite.

View in the other direction.

Another creek view.


View from the bridge at the other end of the campground.

Near the bridge - Strawberry shortcake joined our walk as you can see.

Somebody left a little bouquet in a stump.
Out to breakfast the first morning because our stove lighter wasn't working!

At the Visitors Center in Government Camp.

I believe this was called a War Machine, so I had to get a shot for Orion lol.

Near the trailhead for Little Zigzag Falls.

Muddy trail!

Gorgeous trail, and the creek really does zigzag!

Akasha played on this little beach for a long time!

Another zigzag.

I decided to make a nature mandala with all stuff from our campsite.  

At the Adventure Park!  View coming down the bobleds.  Wow!

Bobsled tracks

I conquered my fear of heights to go on the bobsleds.  No way I was walking up that hill lol.

I thought this was pretty funny as what they actually mean by  "scenic" is SLOW haha. 

Mini golf in the forest.

Akasha was HILARIOUS in these little cars.  She ran into the wall so many times!

These were a huge hit with Orion, but not so much with Akasha.

Waiting for the jumpy things.

What a fun day we had! 

In the tent, showing off her ponytail.

Akasha and I did a bit of geocaching on the way home.