Sunday, July 1, 2012

Orcas Island, Day 4

We were all looking forward to this part of the trip - a visit with the Orcas!

On the way to the hotspot!

We went by an island, which I cannot remember the name of, where a bunch of a certain deer have been naturalized - really more like an antelope that comes from...  I want to say China...  Argh, I have a terrible memory!
There be critters in this picture, probably too small to spot lol.

Our tour guide - total crackup - kinda old biker energy.
We saw lots of whales, but you have to stay pretty far away from them.  Although sometimes if they come right by the boat, you get lucky. 

First glimpse, way in the distance.

This was one of those lucky times, and the closest we got.

Up on the second story!

Kids on deck!

Ron didn't bring a hat or a jacket, so he stole my new scarf.

Kids had enough of being outside.  Glad they had another activity.

Seals, looking like they are floating.

Our captain.

Spotted a bald eagle on the way back.  Can you find it?

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