Saturday, June 30, 2012

Orcas Island Trip, Day 3

Started the day with a deliciously quiet morning - everybody was still asleep for awhile. And a beautiful day on top of it!

View from the porch, again.

These fuzzy fellows loved our deck - no clue why - and they were so agile!

Ahhhh  quiet and lovely.
Hmmm, wonder if I have time to make breakfast... and maybe even eat it....

I did have time!  I made it and ate it in the quiet morning.  They even had a lovely plate.  (Mind you, nothing matched, but we had 2 of these, and they got a work out.)
Feet up, part 2...  with scrambled eggs and veggies.

On the agenda today... exploring Moran State Park...  Go figure... nobody else was interested lol.  So it was the Mom and Akasha team.  Ron was actually feeling sick and needing to rest, so the girls just made the best of it!

The main thing I wanted to do was drive up near the top of Mt Constitution.  The trail to the peak is short and has spectacular views. 

Deer butt!  AKA something we spotted right next to the road up the hill.

Wow!  Now that's a view!

Can you spot the lake in the lowlands?
The visitor center gave us a scavenger hunt sheet to work on while we were on the trail to the summit.

Looking intently for pine cones.
Terrible shot of the scavenger hunt sheet.  But what a great idea!

Rainbow Bear posing for a photo, because Akasha didn't want to. :)

Observation Tower on Mt Constitution

This gives a great idea of the scope of the view.

Inside the tower

View from the top of the tower.

View coming down the other side of the mountain.
Back down at the bottom of Moran State Park, we decided to get a paddleboat.

Dock at Moran State Park

All ready to go!

Tried to get a shot of both of us, but Akasha wouldn't look up lol.


View from out on the lake.
Back at the resort, the weather was really lovely, and the kids played on the beach.

Happy dance?

Akasha got SO engaged in playing with this big stick she was the "Daddy stick" lol.  Her pose was cracking me up!

Orion developed a very complicated store that was based on bartering.  The shells were worth more than the rocks, and he had some special items as well.

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