Monday, November 29, 2010

Future in Photography?

Picture by Orion. Brilliant in its simplicity wouldn't you say?

Sunday, November 28, 2010

A Visit to Edgefields

I had heard about this place, but had no idea just how awesome it really is! The custom paint jobs everywhere were amazing. Each room has its own name and unique door painting, as well as painting inside the rooms!

This was our room with the cute black bunny lounging on the stairs. Akasha got a stuffed one from their store. :)
Beehive...? LOL. Lots of art featuring elderly folks, which I thought was neat. You don't see enough of that.
Akasha asked for a picture of these bees.
I liked the these "honeymooners".
Even many of the pipes were painted!
Akasha loved this swinging lady. If you look closely, that dark speck at the bottom is her shoe falling off. Every time we went by, Akasha would exclaim, "Oh no, she lost another shoe!"
This was my favorite I think, although hard to get a shot of.
At breakfast.
Akasha kept calling this guy a Buddha!

Thursday, November 25, 2010


And Happy Birthday Sarah!!! Well I overcooked the turkey and stuffing, but they weren't that bad (well the stuffing kinda was lol) and it was still a great day with friends and other good food. I was glad Rachele took some pictures as I was busy with other stuff.

She also brought this lovely arrangement, which turned out to be really interesting because she didn't know what the flower was, but I told her it was an artichoke, and those are totally a special thing to Sarah, so it was like she was there in spirit!
One of the pies after Kai was done with it lol. We had two so we let him go to town.
Adorable pic of Orion.
And Ron in a festive shirt... lol.
Pumpkin pie face! We just tried to avoid the crust and she didn't seem to react much!
Looking a little snockered.
Messy house, but caught Akasha with her Duplos in the background. She has been into just making really long stacks of them.
Ah marker on the belly, a childhood delight.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Butt Potato!

I spotted this baby at Whole Foods and just had to buy it!

Orion turned it like this and said it looked like a slug. :)
Had to get a photo as it will be in our tummies tomorrow!!!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Bit O Snow

We got a bit of snow. We always seem to get some at least once a year. This wasn't a very big bit, but the kids were still thrilled!

Eating snow off the table.
Happy Boy!
This is her "I have snow in my mouth" face.
"The kids are throwing snow at me!"
You can see how much we got here. Probably not even an inch.
Kona was excited. She loves the snow. She spent quite awhile the next day just lying on frosty leaves.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Just a cool thing Orion built with Duplos:

Akasha has started getting really into Duplos, which meant Orion had to get BACK into them, which meant he needed to use ALL of them, which meant I ended up buying more off somebody on Craigslist. I could go on, but you get the picture. :)

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

National Geographic

I took these pictures ages ago when I gave some NGs away to a friend, and since I am doing a catchup I figured I would toss them up here.

I love these old Coke ads! Not sure if you can see the writing. This one says: "Heat's on! Time for the unmistakable taste of ice cold Coca Cola. Lifts your spirits, boosts your energy." Indeed!
This one says: "This is when you want something more than a soft drink. Nothing soft about the taste of Coca Cola. Lifts your spirits, boosts your energy." Wahwahwah.
And how beautiful is this? Not to mention the title is Mountain Madonna. Lovely.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

A Visit to the Fairy Woods

We were fortunate enough to spend the night with a deer friend in her beautiful woods. I slacked on taking pictures, but luckily Rachele got a couple cutes ones!

Peeking down from the hideout bunk.
Cutie on the swing in her borrowed oversized jacket. I love this one!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween Happenings

We went to a little Halloween carnival we have been to before. I think this one might need to become our annual tradition. It is so great because it is cheap to get into, and the price includes a haunted house as well a bunch of games that you always win and get candy or toys at each one! It is put on by a local dance group, and they also do performances throughout the day.

We got this Buzz costume from a freecycler and Orion loves it!
Akasha discovered the Scooby under the stage stairs. Maybe he was hiding from zombies!
A simple but brilliant game - hide the toys and candy in the hay and let everybody find some.
Up on the stage!
Zombie dancers!
Back at home, serious business about to get underway with the pumpkin.
I decided to print out some ancestor photos and let Orion cut them out and glue them to some cardboard pieces I cut off a box. A spur of the moment and super easy Samhain project.

Hard at work on the Frankenstein design Orion picked.
I also found a recipe for sugar skulls in Circle Round, and these are the two Ron and I made.
Orion didn't want to make a skull but created this... snowman... mouse... thing...? Not really sure lol.
Our impromptu little altar. Notice how I put some red food coloring in my skull eyes. It looked pretty freaky! Even that wooden block puzzle used to belong to my Grandma. I played with it all the time when I went to her house when I was a little girl.
My one and only trick or treating pictures, thanks to Nicole, who we trudged about with.