Sunday, November 28, 2010

A Visit to Edgefields

I had heard about this place, but had no idea just how awesome it really is! The custom paint jobs everywhere were amazing. Each room has its own name and unique door painting, as well as painting inside the rooms!

This was our room with the cute black bunny lounging on the stairs. Akasha got a stuffed one from their store. :)
Beehive...? LOL. Lots of art featuring elderly folks, which I thought was neat. You don't see enough of that.
Akasha asked for a picture of these bees.
I liked the these "honeymooners".
Even many of the pipes were painted!
Akasha loved this swinging lady. If you look closely, that dark speck at the bottom is her shoe falling off. Every time we went by, Akasha would exclaim, "Oh no, she lost another shoe!"
This was my favorite I think, although hard to get a shot of.
At breakfast.
Akasha kept calling this guy a Buddha!

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