Wednesday, November 10, 2010

National Geographic

I took these pictures ages ago when I gave some NGs away to a friend, and since I am doing a catchup I figured I would toss them up here.

I love these old Coke ads! Not sure if you can see the writing. This one says: "Heat's on! Time for the unmistakable taste of ice cold Coca Cola. Lifts your spirits, boosts your energy." Indeed!
This one says: "This is when you want something more than a soft drink. Nothing soft about the taste of Coca Cola. Lifts your spirits, boosts your energy." Wahwahwah.
And how beautiful is this? Not to mention the title is Mountain Madonna. Lovely.


Steve said...

Great picture of Mountain Madonna! Do you happen to have a note of which issue of NG this came from?

Lisa said...

You know, somebody else wrote me about that privately ages ago, and I did some research into it. I honestly can't remember if I tracked it down lol. I am going to see if the people I gave them to still have them.

Steve said...

Thanks, Lisa - I noticed it because I think it was the picture that inspired Paul McCartney to write Lady Madonna! So I'd be interested to know when it was published.