Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween Happenings

We went to a little Halloween carnival we have been to before. I think this one might need to become our annual tradition. It is so great because it is cheap to get into, and the price includes a haunted house as well a bunch of games that you always win and get candy or toys at each one! It is put on by a local dance group, and they also do performances throughout the day.

We got this Buzz costume from a freecycler and Orion loves it!
Akasha discovered the Scooby under the stage stairs. Maybe he was hiding from zombies!
A simple but brilliant game - hide the toys and candy in the hay and let everybody find some.
Up on the stage!
Zombie dancers!
Back at home, serious business about to get underway with the pumpkin.
I decided to print out some ancestor photos and let Orion cut them out and glue them to some cardboard pieces I cut off a box. A spur of the moment and super easy Samhain project.

Hard at work on the Frankenstein design Orion picked.
I also found a recipe for sugar skulls in Circle Round, and these are the two Ron and I made.
Orion didn't want to make a skull but created this... snowman... mouse... thing...? Not really sure lol.
Our impromptu little altar. Notice how I put some red food coloring in my skull eyes. It looked pretty freaky! Even that wooden block puzzle used to belong to my Grandma. I played with it all the time when I went to her house when I was a little girl.
My one and only trick or treating pictures, thanks to Nicole, who we trudged about with.

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