Friday, October 29, 2010

Sauvie Pumpkin Patch

I had planned a pumpkin patch trip for the Friday after we got back from our trip as we didn't get a chance to go to one before we left. It had been raining raining raining, but Friday turned out sunny. Of course the only issue was that the farm was still a mud swamp, but c'est la vie.

Several of our friends were planning to go the same day, and I had an amusing encounter with one of the unschoolers. She recognized me from Life is Good and came up to say hello. She gave me a whole little speech about how she had met me in the pool, and maybe I didn't remember her because she didn't have her blue hair then lol. I just love these kids and the way they talk to adults like we are all peers.

The strange part of the day is that I thought this was the place we went with Sarah a couple years ago, but it definitely was not! I also drove into Kruger, and that isn't it either. So now it is driving me crazy trying to figure out where that was! I might have to drive back out to Sauvie to figure it out!

Akasha checking out the tunnels in the hay pyramid.
On the hayride!
There is nothing as glorious as a clear autumn day in the PNW. The colors are so vivid and the sunlight is just amazing and glowy.

Did I mention it was muddy?

Miss serious face.
I think Akasha took this one, and I rather like it!
What do you see in these clouds? (Makes me think of What do you hear in these sounds? by Dar Williams lol)
Tractor close up.
Another serious face.

Birds in the window of the barn.
And some pictures from the camera of Mama Shell:

Love the sunbeams!

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