Thursday, July 28, 2011


Just had to grab a shot of my little punk rocker in training lol! This was during the prep for a huge benefit rummage sale I helped put together. The girl has good taste already!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A Little Break

Snuck away for some mommy and Orion time at a local park.

This particular park has a little stream running through it, and Orion was fascinated with the water walkers.
I love this park. Really wooded and old school equipment. Too bad all I have are a few blurry phone pics. :)

Nice afternoon light reflection!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Our First Trip to Breitenbush!

I have been wanting to go to Breitenbush for soooo long, so I decided to plan a family trip there. We went on the same weekend as the Natural Family retreat, which I thought would be perfect as people would be expecting lots of kids to be there.

I was a bit worried about getting our stuff over to the cabin, but it wasn't too bad with the carts. Only got this one blurry picture as we were going in.

The cabins were really nice! Like nicer than I expected for some reason. We had a separate room with a closing door and bed, which was prefect for getting Akasha to bed a bit earlier than Orion.
Hanging out in front of the cabin...
This rock sat alongside the path across from our cabin, and I thought it looked very much like an animal face.
Trying to get a shot of both of us. Little monkey wouldn't look at the camera!
Akasha and her nudist ways fit right in. :)
The "upview" from our cabin porch.
I really liked the Bath House sign for some reason.

Lots of various sites around the grounds...

There were flowers everywhere!

I also thought the lodge looked neat with so many colorful towels draped on railing.

Here I was trying to capture the bubbles floating up from the bottom, but it was hard because of the reflection. You can see them if you know what you are looking for though. :)
I love me some flowers coming up through cracks.

I think this is my favorite shot of the weekend:

I got a little time to myself one day, and went for a walk in the labyrinth. I really enjoyed it, although it was SOOOOOOOOO hot that day.
Near the entrance...
Also near the entrance...

She was actually standing near this little tree. She looks like she is praying to it lol. Both the kids were fascinated by how the little tree was growing out of the larger stump!

Overall it was a great trip. Ron had a massage he said was great, and I loved all the food. Ron liked some of it lol. The only real downer was getting chased by horseflies. :( Thankfully that didn't really start until latish on Saturday, when we encountered them right while in the hot pools! (Turns out they are attracted to heat). I have never really encountered them before, but people told us what they were and that the bites REALLY hurt, so both the kids totally freaked out. And then the next day they were out near our cabin and were literally like chasing us every time we went outside. Neither of the kids would leave the cabin after that. :(( So bottom line - would love to go back, but thinking not in high summer next time!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Random Cuteness, Part ?

Just wanted to get this one in here for the record because it is so cute. I know I have titled several posts with this - not sure how many lol.

Monday, July 11, 2011

OCF 2011

Finally going to start working on some catch up! I decided to take the plunge this year and camp at Zumwault since I know so many people who camp there, and it was alot of fun. It was just Akasha and me this year as Ron had too much work to do and Orion doesn't like to sleep away from him. So girl time at the fair!

Here we are driving in to Zumwault for the very first time!
At camp, Akasha makes herself at home at somebody else's table - it's a community folks!
Was happy we got to camp next to one of my friends and her amazing son. Although so much older than Akasha, he was always welcoming and patient with her.
Mah feetz iz durteh.
Happy faces on the bus!
Friday crowds heading inside!

Akasha ended up totally zonking out almost all day on Friday! Which made for a nice relaxing time wondering around.
This guy was giving a talk about making paper out of mushrooms - pretty neat!
Always lots of lovely visual stimulation at the fair!

And OMG Patch Adams was here this year!!! He was all the character I expected him to be!

And I got my face painted!
Somebody woke up!
And these are the things she wanted me to take pictures of. :)

Back at camp and time for some shenanigans!
This was the central area where folks hang out and cooked dinner.
Saturday we decided to just hang out at camp since the fair is so crowded that day. Alot of people do that. Here is Akasha and her queen.


Berry applesauce was a staple food of the weekend.
Oh my goodness, yummy babies to play with!
And oatmeal was the other staple food lol.
OMG a friend of mine made these homemade marshmallows with maple syrup and they were to die for. Must try at home!
I think Akasha would have eaten the whole bowl if I didn't enforce some sharing lol.
This is what we did in our tent at night as most of the other kids were in bed before her. :)
I went over to the bonfire just briefly. Akasha wanted nothing to do with hanging out around the fire, which was a bummer, but what can ya do?
Lovely moon over the beach.

I had originally not planned to go back to the fair on Sunday, but I changed my mind as there were some more things I wanted to do. At the beginning of the day, we were waiting at the entrance for a friend, and Akasha was very entertained my several folks. She LOVED this giraffe lady!
Sometimes the best views are straight up.

She also loved the "mingo". :)
But my favorite thing of this whole year was doing the Dances of Universal Peace on Sunday. What a great group of folks!

We went to one last musical performance that was lovely to cap off our weekend, and Akasha played with some bubbles.

Another great year come and gone.... Can't wait to do it all over again!