Monday, July 4, 2011

Fourth of July Madness!

Decided on a "quiet" Fourth at home - or at least not fighting the madness to get to a show. Like in my childhood, we bought a huge box of backyard works and invited some friends over.

Earlier in the day, the kids got into the colored smoke bombs. I just love this photo because A looks like she is pointing a wand and shooting out her patronus or something lol1

The red was popular.
Some video of course:

And here are some pics of the nighttime festivities:

Lotus enjoyed the flourless chocolate cake, even if Jason did proclaim it to be "missing something... oh yeah, flour", lol.
Fireworks, A1, watching boy, happy girl. :)
Lotus is even better than the works!

Sparkler fun!

And of course some boffer fun...
And for those who prefer to wait for the movie version lol...

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