Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Lego Plus

Interesting creation Orion made with several different elements lol.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Akasha at Papas

Just a few cute pics at Papa's where we met some friends to play.

She is SO into lining things up right now! I am taking pics every time I can and may eventually make a collage.

Oh turns out there is some Orion in this post after all:

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sharing the Common Area

I wasn't there to witness it or see how the talking went down, but there was some brilliancy at work in my home last night while Dad was watching both kids. They have been having trouble sharing the living room area of the house lately. Sometimes Orion doesn't want Akasha bugging him or getting into what he is doing, but he also doesn't want to go in his room and be alone. Last night, Ron had a talk with him about coming up with an idea that would work for everybody, and Orion had a great one that was still working when I got home! They had spread out two large blankets, and each one was their own "private area". They had little projects set up, snacks etc. and were both respecting each other's space! Have a feeling we will be using this idea alot in the future!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Collection of funny sayings and quotes

I have been putting all sorts of little funny and cute things the kids say on Facebook, so I wanted to go back and grab them all and put them here. :)

Akasha on the swing: "push me higher than the moon!"

Akasha: "I'm watching Little Bear with my poop." Ummmm, yeah, translation: "I don't want you to change my diaper right now". lol

Orion playing Minecraft: "I am going to build a bed outside, so I can see the stars." :)

Akasha was just helping me unload the dishwasher. She now calls measuring cups and spoons "scoop scoops" lol.

Akasha quote of the day, while the wind was blowing her hair in her face: "I can't see my eyes!"

Another Akasha quote: "I'm really sorry. It was an askident".

Orion quote of the day: His wish going through the 26 tunnel - "I would like to have friends around me always. I mean I want to be friends with everybody in the world, even the people in all the countries, and all the animals and insects too."

Orion: "My stomach is telling me I'm hungry."

Friday, March 11, 2011

Our Patient Dog

Akasha loves covering Kona with blankets, and she is pretty mellow about it. :)

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Homemade Calendar

I got this white board to make a calendar awhile ago, but we finally got the piping tape to make it easier to wipe off the numbers and month name, etc. Orion is so thrilled with it!

That is supposed to be a clown with a pie on April Fools Day lol. I am not much of an artist.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Backyard Extravaganza

Oh my goodness, the yard is finally dry enough to play in a bit and Orion had a grand idea after watching a Blues Clues. He wanted to make a party in the yard and it became a total production! First, there had to be invitations exactly to his specification. The odd time was because he wanted it to be right after when we were making them haha.And this was his planning list, complete with check boxes!
It started first thing in the morning - the thing that looks like a cake is a stack of pancakes because his day starts with needing breakfast. :) Then the next thing is a shirt to represent making costumes. The thing that kindof looks like a V was for wanting Ron to build a picnic table, which didn't happen that night, and the things that look like volcanoes are actually our two trees in our yard, in between which he wanted to make the stage. And at the bottom are the snacks!

So out we went, with Orion wearing the red sash as a costume. :)

I had a paper with some pictures on it to represent lyrics to a song he is familiar with...
... but he got frustrated with it and decided it wasn't going to be a singing show after all.

Meanwhile, Akasha was doing her own thing.
So Orion decided it was going to be a costume contest instead, only he decided what he was going to give me lol. In the first round, he had the Blues Clues doggy ears...
...and I had the red sash and tried to go with a soldier look. Ron was the judge, and Orion won - can you believe it? :)
Orion's next prop was a peanut and he went for a squirrel pose.
I got the superhero cape and tried to look like I was flying, but Orion still beat me this round as well.
Then Orion said to strike a pose, so that is what I did, but he grabbed the bug viewer and said he was a scientist. He won again! Rigged I tell you!
Well our music party turned costume/pose contest was a big success. I think we may be in for a summer of shows this year!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Glowing Greens!

We finally made it here! Orion LOVES mini golf, and he loved this place! Really glad we came with just the two of us as I think Akasha would have been scared. Here are some of his favorite spots:

This guy kindof looks like a pirate Santa lol.
I also got a video of the neat animated skeletons, but I don't see the embed link on youtube anymore for some reason. So here is a link:

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Another Trip to Great Wolf

I didn't really take any photos this time around, but it was another great visit! I got to go on some rides with another mom and some kids I know, and Akasha played and played and played with a girl that lives near us on the last day. Her mom got this darling photo:

Should be ready for babysitting in a few more years lol!