Saturday, March 12, 2011

Collection of funny sayings and quotes

I have been putting all sorts of little funny and cute things the kids say on Facebook, so I wanted to go back and grab them all and put them here. :)

Akasha on the swing: "push me higher than the moon!"

Akasha: "I'm watching Little Bear with my poop." Ummmm, yeah, translation: "I don't want you to change my diaper right now". lol

Orion playing Minecraft: "I am going to build a bed outside, so I can see the stars." :)

Akasha was just helping me unload the dishwasher. She now calls measuring cups and spoons "scoop scoops" lol.

Akasha quote of the day, while the wind was blowing her hair in her face: "I can't see my eyes!"

Another Akasha quote: "I'm really sorry. It was an askident".

Orion quote of the day: His wish going through the 26 tunnel - "I would like to have friends around me always. I mean I want to be friends with everybody in the world, even the people in all the countries, and all the animals and insects too."

Orion: "My stomach is telling me I'm hungry."

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