Monday, March 7, 2011

Backyard Extravaganza

Oh my goodness, the yard is finally dry enough to play in a bit and Orion had a grand idea after watching a Blues Clues. He wanted to make a party in the yard and it became a total production! First, there had to be invitations exactly to his specification. The odd time was because he wanted it to be right after when we were making them haha.And this was his planning list, complete with check boxes!
It started first thing in the morning - the thing that looks like a cake is a stack of pancakes because his day starts with needing breakfast. :) Then the next thing is a shirt to represent making costumes. The thing that kindof looks like a V was for wanting Ron to build a picnic table, which didn't happen that night, and the things that look like volcanoes are actually our two trees in our yard, in between which he wanted to make the stage. And at the bottom are the snacks!

So out we went, with Orion wearing the red sash as a costume. :)

I had a paper with some pictures on it to represent lyrics to a song he is familiar with...
... but he got frustrated with it and decided it wasn't going to be a singing show after all.

Meanwhile, Akasha was doing her own thing.
So Orion decided it was going to be a costume contest instead, only he decided what he was going to give me lol. In the first round, he had the Blues Clues doggy ears...
...and I had the red sash and tried to go with a soldier look. Ron was the judge, and Orion won - can you believe it? :)
Orion's next prop was a peanut and he went for a squirrel pose.
I got the superhero cape and tried to look like I was flying, but Orion still beat me this round as well.
Then Orion said to strike a pose, so that is what I did, but he grabbed the bug viewer and said he was a scientist. He won again! Rigged I tell you!
Well our music party turned costume/pose contest was a big success. I think we may be in for a summer of shows this year!

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