Saturday, June 4, 2005

Nine Month Check UP

It seems like nine months brought an explosion of new behaviors and skills.

Orion is now crawling like a pro. What has been a variety of marine crawling, inchworming and scooting is now full blown hauling ass across the floor. He also has no problem going up the stairs and has a great time with that. He stops and pats each step, which is really cute. Of course, along with the stair climbing ability has come the battle of keeping him off the stairs. We do not want to put a gate at the bottom, since that would mean drilling some holes. With the house for sale, that doesn't seem like such a good idea.

He is enjoying his Goodnight Moon book every night before bed, and I had quite a surprise recently. I always say, "Where is the brush?" or "Orion touch the balloon," etc. and then put his finger on the thing I said. The other night I said, "Orion touch the mouse," and he did! All by himself. It is amazing how young they start to recognize words.

He has a couple more teeth now and loves to eat. He will pile in salmon and Pollo Loco until I think he is going to explode. He also loves avocadoes, but honestly the kid will eat just about anything you give him. I hope he stays not a picky eater.

He is still not a very good sleeper. I am starting to think he just has really high metabolism.