Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Another Great Wolf Trip

Oh my, I have been so busy organizing pictures from the California trip I almost forgot to write about our Last Great Wolf trip. I didn't take any pictures this time, and that is how I usually remember things! But it was a really great trip. We went as part of a homeschool group rate, and it turns out the lady who organized it was pulling from several groups, so there were literally like 100s of homeschoolers there, including plenty of unschoolers we know.

Ron was still fighting an infection in his leg he had been to the hospital for and wasn't really supposed to be walking, so that was the downside of the trip, but it went really well. Orion was very independent in the park, so I was able to stay with Akasha and just keep checking in on him. And what a great group of kids! I really feel like homeschooled kids often have a different sense about them, especially when it comes to interacting with adults. They are just so happy and willing to have real conversations. There were two moments worth writing out.

I really wanted to go on The Howling Tornado at night for the first time and went back down to the waterpark after the kids were in the room the first night for one quick ride. I got in line and hoped I would find a group to go with. There were 3 boys, probably about 10ish, in front of me, so I asked if I could join their group, and they said sure. We talked a bit, and then here comes the funny part. Behind us comes a dad, two girls and another boy about their age. Turns out they know each other, and the new boy says, "Hey, can I ride with you?" With no hesitation, one of the boys says, "No, our boat is full." LOL! No sense of disappointment, no glances at me, nothing. Of course I piped right up and said, "Why don't I just switch?" Which is what we did, but it just struck me as really interesting I got no sense that they would rather have another kid than me in their boat.

The next story is my favorite though, even if I didn't witness it. Ron did come into the park a couple times but mostly had to sit. He had crutches with him, which several kids noticed and asked about. He said they all seemed genuinely interested and concerned. But he was most touched by a boy who really made a connection with him and even offered empathy, saying, "Wow, man, that really sucks," and then, as he was leaving he said, "I am going to go on the waterslides *for* you!" Brought Ron to tears. Probably an unschooler. LOL, I really have no idea who it was, but what a sweet boy!

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