Monday, July 16, 2012

OCF / Oregon Country Fair 2013

I went to OCF with just Akasha this year. We stayed the night in Eugene on Saturday and went to Fair on Sunday.

We used the shuttle this year, and it was really nice to get dropped off right at the gate!

We got our spot in the meadow and are ready for the day!
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Characteristically odd performance

Love the colors in this one!
Akasha was fascinated with these.
Making a windsock!
This lady set up a spot with all these Dr. Seuss books to read and give away!  So many awesome people at Fair!

My friend Kristin took this.  Miss Grumpy Britches would not smile.

Thanks to "Mama Lyly", I got an hour to myself AND Akasha got her face painted!  She is meowing in this picture.  :)
Contemplating the empty smoothie glass.  Hmm, more?
We were actually listening to some music at this spot.
These gals were cool and even sang a kitty song for Akasha!
Akasha got drawn to this improv comedy show and watched the whole thing!  I think this is the first show she has ever been interested in watching!  (And yes, there is more smoothie there lol.)

At the end of the day, A spent a long time chasing bubbles this guy was making...

... and getting in  his way lol.

She really enjoyed the finished windsock!
We spotted these little fairy dolls and home on the way out and played for a bit.  :)

Long day over. 

Random photo - don't remember where or why :)

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