Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Are you kidding me? Snow? Today? Sarah was hoping for snow since before she got to OR, and then it starts snowing literally like an hour after I dropped her off at the airport! And boy did it ever snow. And snow and snow and snow. This is so rare for Portland, so most people really love it if we even get one good snow day. I heard on the radio it was a cold blast that came out of the Columbia Gorge. One more reason to love the Gorge! Give us just a little snow each year, but not too much. ;) Well, I wouldn't mind more really, but Portland would need to buy some plows!

I realized it is hard to get good photos with the autofocus when the snow is really coming down! The camera was confused!
And there was often a flake right in front of somebody's face lol, but I got a few good ones!
This was her face when she said, "Snooooow."

Almost such a great shot of these three, but case in point flake right in front of Orion's eye lol.
What the front of the house looked like.
Saving the best for last.... This video is hilarious! Watch Kona - she is trying to catch the snowballs! And then she would chomp chomp on what she got.

And just a cute snippet of Akasha putting all her walking skills to the test in this getup of snowsuit and too large boots!


Shady Lady said...

It looks like you guys had a blast! Akasha is just way too cute...

Lisa said...

Thanks! :)