Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve

We had a lovely evening with Sarah, Tessi and Amma here.

I usually make Italian food on Christmas Eve. Here is the lasagna made together with Sarah and Orion! Sarah had to take a picture to send to her Italian boyfriend lol.
Waiting for dinner....
Is she trying to say she's hungry?

Miss Amma in her lovely dress.
Just what we all wanted!

Akasha slowly working on getting her shape blocks open.
Brother finally jumps in to help.
Amma with her wand. Only you can't see the cute flower on top.
And later tonight... the big man comes if the kids ever go to sleep! Cookies on the table, check, eggnog on the table, check, carrots on the porch for the reindeer, check! Kids asleep.... not check lol.

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