Sunday, December 27, 2009

Spices of the World!

So, I was looking at some cooking websites and stumbled upon an Indian one that had this header. I thought, wow, how cool looking. Orion was sitting next to me, and I thought about trying to show him how it was a map of the world. Then I am quite ashamed to say my next thought was that he wouldn't get it. We haven't looked at maps much, and I thought this might be too vague for him to understand. So I just kept reading my recipe. And then... he looked over, and said... "Hey, it's a map of the world made out of spices!" Um, OK then. Not only did he recognize it, he wanted to know the name of every single spot! I ended up pulling up a more accurate map with names so we could compare the two, and ahem, I could verify some of what I was telling him.

What a beautiful bright spirit of a boy he is! Blown away again by how much kids learn all on their own and how much learning can take place when you wait for them to ask the questions and be in an excited place about hearing the answers!


Amma's MAHMA said...

That's Awesome!

Shady Lady said...

That is such a beautiful moment!! How totally cool.