Thursday, December 10, 2009

September Family Shoot with Amy

Finally getting around to posting my favorite shots from the shoot we did with Amy in September. Of course the two superstar photos I have posted before, but they will start out this post for the sake of competion

Couple more featuring the cool hat Akasha stole from Amy's weebee.

A classic father son shot. Orion looks so thoughtful.
And so begins the shenanigans of trying to get a family photo with a high energy 5 year old boy and an overtired toddler. (Oh, and the dog. Yeah, that was my idea. But she is part of the family too!)

I think this is my favorite family shot of the day.
Whoaaaa, failed attempt at dual swing lol!
This makes more sense.

Orion found a wooly bear!
I love Akasha's expression in this one.
Another classic - we did great with father son shots this day!
And then the zorbit attacks started....

Few more attempts at a group shot and getting Akasha to smile.

Fishy sequence...

And one final bit of cuteness. :)

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Mama Rachele said...

I dearly love these photos! And I love Ron's belly--- he is so loving and playful- what a great dad! Ever since Kai was quite small, I would ask him if I could kiss his belly- and he took (and takes) such delight in deciding whether or not he will let me, and we almost always nurse after. Belly kissing (and blowing) is big lovey stuff 'round here too!