Friday, September 4, 2009

Akasha Belly Shoot!

I got a disc from Amy and wanted to share some of the images, even though they are from awhile ago. Over a year to be precise LOL! Some of the ones I hadn't seen were so cool though! I am doing all my faves here, except for the nudes hehe, even though I have posted some of them before.

If I am not mistaken, this is the thumbnail for Amy's maternity section on her website. I was seriously like almost 9 months pregnant when we did this shoot, and large by any standard, so it was a great belly for her portfolio haha! What I love is that this was the first shot! There is a professional for you. She had some ideas about what she wanted to try in this shoot, and she obviously got what she wanted on the first try! Damn girl.
You can almost see some little moons in orbit....

Who says you can't see your feet?!
Oh wait, that isn't my perspective, hahahaha!

I think this is my new favorite in the bunch.
This one is weird because Ron looks so different now. He was Mr. Tidy Professional then.
Bringing a flower to sister. Maybe that is why she loves them so much now!
Ah little man, your whole world is about to change. :)

No comment...
Sorry Orion, not even close.
The famous "Meadow Goddess" that has generated so many compliments. :)
I really like this one too! Looking very yogaish.
Look like I am needing to heft that thing around while I walk haha!
Love the angle and color in this one.
Flowers and battle scars....

Couldn't decide which of these I liked best!

One of my all time favorite pictures of Orion.
But the last two are pretty cute too!

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