Saturday, September 26, 2009

Ruby is Five!

Lots of birthdays this time of year!

Not the greatest picture ever, but I liked it because you can see part of the card Orion made for Ruby. She has a party hat on, and there were also balloons and streamers on it. The inside had a cake with 5 candles. Such a drawing fool he is getting to be!
Explaining the card to Ruby.
Mr. Turtlehead craning in. Amazing how much he already knows all about gender differences in toys, especially considering we watch no TV that has commercials. Usually it is a long list of "I want that" about everything that gets opened. Never said once today. Hmmm, kindof depressing really.
Waiting for cake....
Ruby, also waiting for cake. She looks more patient!
Akasha spent most of her time doing this. Girl loves to wander. Going to have to keep my eye on this one!
Matching dresses, matching forks. :)
Must be good stuff!
Such a serious face for eating cake!
Doing her Sean Penn impression.
Not sure about this one!
Pinata time! Ruby has a great idea for how to pass the time between turns!
It's not so easy to get a picture of a toddler next to a stream with a bank while holding on to her at the same time!

This ended up a long post because the kids went on a nature walk, well more of a nature run it seemed! My kids wanted to hang out by the water more, so I get some neat extra shots.
In she went! Dirty butt and all.
My boy, embracing nature.
"Take a picture of this, Mom!" He is into saying that over and over these days!
This would be Akasha throwing her shoes LOL!
I guess this was the theme of the day.
I love this picture because Akasha looks like she is looking at Orion with such adoration. "Teach me the ways of nature, Master."
"Well, the first rule is, whatever you find, you must hold up to your face and have a picture taken like that."
Just how dirty did her butt get...?
A rare moment of stillness.
What was the first rule again? Just be careful. If you do it too much, you might go cross eyed.
Or end up with leaves in your hair.

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