Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Enjoying the Sunshine While it Lasts!

We finally got out to a park day!

I thought it was pretty hilarious Akasha started putting the wood chips on the bottom of the slide. Orion has been doing the same thing since about the same age!
Then she decided she just wanted to sit there. And sit there. Not a very popular choice with other sliders. And not a very popular choice with Akasha to move her. Ah, this one is developing strong opinions, and she lets you know about them. I think this is her "I dare you to move me face".
Orion likes going up.
Hi mom!

The video cracks me up. He was very insistent about it being filmed just so. I had to redo it several times to his liking. It seems a mix of cooking show and magic show lol. What is with the bowing? hahahaha I wish I could understand his formal farewell at the end. He is saying, "See ya later, on..." something, like he gave his show a name, but he doesn't remember now!

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