Friday, September 25, 2009

If you give a kid a camera...

...chances are, he'll build some Lego creations to go along with it. :)

Orion has been movie crazy lately! He will spend ages working on them in his room. Sometimes he does this thing... it is hard to describe, but I will try. He says he has an idea, and then he puts his thumbs and pointer fingers together on either side of his eyes, then kindof pulls them outward and opens them. Maybe I have a future director on my hands! These are just a few of my favorites out of MANY more.

One of the first - some expensive Legos there!

This one is funny regarding how patient and thorough he was about destroying the one creation. Must.completely.break! Also love the "shiiiiiip".

Not the greatest quality on this one, but I just love the variety. He goes from making a store to destroying things to riding and feeding a horse. :)

Now it gets weird! He used to go to the "Daddy Gym" with Ron sometimes, which was actually his MMA class, so he has seen some wrestling type stuff. Not thrilled about the emphasis on winning and losing, but hard to avoid in our society. The part I literally laughed out loud about, though, was the little victory dance. Can you say Kali?

And the weirdness continues. I love how this guy is just walking along, gets trapped, and then keeps walking as if nothing happened. Also cool how Orion checks his frame in this one to make sure the cup is correctly placed.

Nothing super special about this one besides the cute sound effects, but it is notable because I think this is the first time he thought to himself, hey, I can get in my own movie if I want to!

Which let to this! Oh, the hilarity!

But this is the crowning glory for sure. I swear, my boy is not stark raving mad, but he does a convincing imitation eh? And lovin' the hair.

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