Monday, September 7, 2009

And for the other camera...

Finally found the other disc reader, so here are the rest of the catch up photos!

Way back at Sylvania, everybody loves a box! A box with packing paper in it, even better! I swear she is part cat sometimes.
Early days at the new place. Orion showing sister the current spinner thingie.
Here comes devil duck!
Akasha is officially in love with the banana smoothies I make. Yes, they have cocoa powder in them.
Like many babies, Akasha likes to sit in or on anything that looks eligible. I thought this was pretty darn cute, and as soon as Orion saw me with the camera...
... he had to run in the shot. More importantly, he wanted to turn the Barbie ball just right and told me he was posing with the girls. Oh Lord.
Ron must have taken this one. Orion in his favorite spot - facing the TV.

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