Thursday, September 3, 2009

Orion is Five!

And thank goodness for friends with cameras, because I forgot mine!!! Yikes, what a bad mom! Thanks to Kristin L for sending me these! The festivities were at Magnolia Park. He chose a Diego theme.

First off, hey, who is this? This is not the birthday boy! This is the sibling creature. Kinda cute, though, ain't she? She loves dogs. This little fellow had a bit too many human snacks today, stolen (and freely given) from those chubby fists.

Do you spy anything odd here...?
This is what happens when you order a cake over the phone. We all had a good laugh about it though. Happy 13th birthday?!!! Where did they get that? Ron does tell me I mumble. But who in their right mind thinks a 13 year old would pick a Diego cake? Hahahahaha!

Samuel instructing Orion on the fine points of Lego Space Police.
That cute thing again.

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