Saturday, September 5, 2009

Akasha's One Year Photo Shoot with Amy

And here is the rest of what was on the disc! We had so much fun doing a spur of the moment One Year Old Shoot with Amy when she offered a special I couldn't pass up. But choosing just 20 almost killed me! :) Some of these were my picks, some were Ron's and some were Ron's mom's. Some we all liked!

I think I was the only one who liked this one. What's up with that? It just screamed Hogwarts at me, so I had to include it LOL!
A classic portrait.
Sinatra style with the stick.
Ron was hilarious about this picture. He just kept staring at it and staring at it. It would be up on his screen off and on all day when we first got the disc. He kept saying, "I can't decided if I really like this picture or really don't!" He decided he liked it alot. Rule of Thirds FTW!
Trying to sneak a kiss I think....
Thought this was just meh of me, but Ron and his mom both wanted it.
Lovely background!
"Peeboo!" Cracks me up how she almost never quite hits both eyes.
Delicious cuteness.
The pant cuffs make this picture!
Ron's mom picked this one. Kindof funny as I knew she was really being fussy and grumpy at this moment, but I guess it is a good capture of her "up".
And what comes after a request to be picked up?! Haha! We have entered the nursing acrobatics stage. Liked this one so much I made it my Facebook profile pic!
What was left of the bouquet we found.
This was Ron's favorite picture of the whole bunch! Amy took several of her with the balloons in the background. We didn't even know these people, but what a great bit of luck for a birthday shoot! Ron loved this one because he thinks her expression looks like, why am I over here when the party is over there?! hehe
The best part of Laurelhurst - the only part without a fence around the lake!
We nursed our way around the park that day. :) This may always be my favorite nursing photo.
Pondering the pond.
We were so excited to see an area of the same little white flowers from the Meadow Goddess picture! Visions of photo groupings danced in my head! She was tired and pretty grouchy by this point, so I don't think we got that "perfect" shot, but we got a few really cute ones anyway!

Apparently they are also good to eat! I think Rose said this was her favorite LOL!

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