Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Another Fun Time at Great Wolf Lodge!

Orion really wanted to go back to Great Wolf for his birthday, and thanks to Grandpa for sending him some money, and an amazing deal offered to homeschoolers, we decided to go for a night.

Random Cuteness. I don't even remember taking this one! So maybe Orion did. Looks like it was in the hotel room though. I guess I didn't take any water park pics the first day!
So this is part of the brilliance of MagicQuest. Not only do you give the kids something to do so they don't inhale chlorine all day, but you also have a huge money maker AND something creative to do with your stairwells!

A very silly guy at the end of one of the quests:

Later that night in the room, Orion filmed a cute picture he drew:

I thought this was adorable. Notice how Ron's head is giant compared to all the rest LOL. He is always drawn these days with curly here and that thing that is supposed to be a beard. I, on the other hand, get monk hair hahahaha. No idea why he only puts my hair on the side of my head!

Next day.... Not a great photo, but it does show the slides from the outside, and notice the big blue one. This will come up later in the post....
Orion went right for the life jackets this time! He used to hate them, but now he chooses them on his own! Here he is getting warmed up for the day... literally. :D I thought his picture was funny because he looks like he is sneaking up on this quietly relaxing girl.
He is really just getting ready to practice his floating!
There were all sorts of new adventures in store for Orion this trip. He wouldn't get on this snake at all last time, but had fun climbing on it this time.

And oh my gosh, what a surprise when I heard he decided to go down the yellow waterslide by himself!

Which of course also needed a picture.

He went on it lots and lots of times!

And then... whoa! I had mentioned trying the Canyon Run a couple times, and he kept saying no. Then one time as he came down from the yellow slide, I said in a really upbeat tone, "Come on, let's go on the boat one!" And he said yes! And he loved it! First time coming out:
And of course, another Youtube haha. If you listen carefully, you can hear Ron whooping all the way down the tube!

So then he didn't want to STOP doing this one LOL, which was a problem as it is way up a bunch of stairs, and Ron and I were both pretty overtired at this point. So we rounded out the day with a bit more wave pool, which he was also more daring in this time, and then somehow convinced him it was time to go.

And that, folks, was another Great Wolf vacation. Some fudge purchased on the way to the car, and our trip was complete. :)

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Tanya said...

I love Orion's family video!!! Absolutely adorable!!!