Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Goddesses Among Us

I have been participating in a 4 part class on Goddess spirituality at my church over the last couple months, and we just had a final ritual in which the participants all wore masks they made to represent the goddess they chose to work with. Look, we have an aura!
So interesting I used the auto timer for this and got this glow. It looks like it is emanating from the altar! From left to right we have Yemaya, Kwan Yin, Sophia, Hecate, Inanna, Ariadne and Isis. It is hard to see in this picture, but the Hecate mask was just brilliant! She actually took a second mask and cut in half, attaching the two halves on either side of the main part of the mask. The other two faces were painted black and red, so it captured the triformis aspect perfectly! All of them were great, and almost everybody wore things to add to the energy. It was a great night!

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