Sunday, September 20, 2009

Argggh Mateys!

Ron wasn't feeling well and wanted to crash most of the day, so we made a last minute decision to go to the Pirate Festival!

And thanks to Sarah, we even had some garb! Cute Pirate Boy:
Mean Pirate Boy!
There were a couple groups and even more individuals who brought their lovely birds out for the day.
Don't you love random kids who stick their heads in your pictures?! LOL

This was one of several free pirate themed games they had set up. Or you could pay $1 to collect a stamp at each one and turn it in for some treasure. Not a bad deal!
I thought this was rather silly. You loaded some balls in to the end of the cannon, then all they did was tip it up to dump them out! But I swear, Orion must have gotten in line to do this 15 times!

This one was supposed to be like Swabbin the Deck I guess:

Cracks me up to hear a pirate say "Good Job!"

This one was called Bat A Rat hahaha!
It was kindof like golf, only with bats and rats! Here are the victims in their goal:
This was the best game for Orion I think! They had all these large bundles that were supposed to represent cargo, and they had to run across an area to "deliver" it.
During one of the times, when he got down to the last one, the girl working the game kept going and getting one from his finished pile and sneaking it back into the start area. It was hilarious. He would run over and think he was done, and then she would call, "You're not finished yet!" She did it like 4 times. The look on his face was classic, like they were just magically appearing. In the picture above, Orion and Akasha are both jumping and falling on the cargo since nobody was waiting to play the game.

Orion also liked this tent, where a group putting on swordfighting lessons and exhibitions had several weapons on display. That is a blunt sword he is holding.... I swear.... The kid in the red bandana rocked. He was only 8, but he was working there and took it so seriously. He went on and on explaining all sorts of stuff to Orion!
Stage area where they were putting on a play for kids. Orion liked it when it was empty.
Akasha, in one of her current favorite spots, poking at Kettle Korn. She didn't ever sit in a stroller until she was almost a year old, so now I guess it is novel for her! She asks to sit in it several times a day, even when we are home.
This little grassy area turned into swordfighting central. Orion didn't fare too well with his little foam sword, but on the other hand, he could whack people with it as hard as he wanted and not hurt anybody!
Akasha decided the dirt was the best place to be! Oh my gosh, she got filthy in this spot! At one point, she actually put her cheek all the way on the ground, like she was giving it a snuggle! She was covered from head to toe!
Glad we went. I had always thought it was overpriced, but almost everything there, activitywise for kids, is free, or close to it. Of course, there are lines to go with it, but at least they don't nickel and dime you to death. I had my first real taste of two mobile kids going in opposite directions, which was a bit stressful in a crowd like that, but Orion was really great at staying fairly close by. I only lost him two or three times! Not bad, huh? Seriously, it was only like I couldn't spot right away a couple times, but he was always right there and popped back up. How do people with three littles do it? Or more? I felt a bit neurotic at moments, but this was probably a good lesson regarding what's in store!

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