Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Spinning, Stomping, Running and Kittying

That's what has been going on around here.... :) Oh, and lots of talking! Don't even think I will bother with the lists anymore. She is just well on her way to speech, including a few sentences.

The spinning is the funniest by far. She will get going around, usually only about two full rotations, then stop and get very still to feel the sensation. Sometimes she will walk and fall down. Then repeat the whole thing. Other times she does this stomping thing that is also pretty funny. Not sure I could classify her as officially running, but she will for sure get a fast patter thing going for several steps now that is really close to a run.

But what is the "kittying" all about you may be wondering. Well, Akasha is becoming a professional "getinthewayer". No matter what Orion is doing, she gets right under foot. He wants to move a blanket - she sits on it. He wants to ride a car in a certain pathway - she stands in the way. I couldn't help but think to myself, she reminds me of a cat! LOL So Orion was getting quite frustrated the other day because there is a little cement ramp in the backyard he likes to ride down, and Akasha likes to sit right at the bottom of it. I said to him, "She is being a kittycat!" He was confused. I explained to him about the stereotypical cat behavior of getting in the way of whatever you are doing, and it has really helped lighten things up I think! Now when she gets in the way, he calls, "Mom, sister is being a kittycat again!" Which means I need to come move her. He seems to find this idea quite amusing, and I find it much better than him just pushing her out of his way. :)

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