Saturday, September 12, 2009

Wow, we actually went hiking!

Between moving and everything else this summer, we haven't had much time for getting outdoors. But we have a little bit of beautiful weather left, and I really wanted to take advantage of it!

Akasha's first time in the frame pack!
Just some moss on the trees I thought was pretty.
Love the Fall afternoon light! It was a slow walk with one little boy who is obsessed with throwing rocks into the water.
Fuzzy fellow!
Such a lovely time of year for big, beautiful spiders.
This waterfall is literally right next to the trail. It has a name, but I am feeling too lazy to go find it right now.
And I meant, right next to....
Another cute little trail friend. Orion spotted this dude.
Lovely cairn somebody left for us to discover.
And here it is - first view of Wahclalla Falls!
This is one of those pictures you don't realize how much you like until later. At first I was wishing those folks would move, but then I realized what a great capture it was of the guy shooting the girl.

Plenty of time to take my own shots....
And plenty of time for hungry babies. :)
On the way back, I wanted to take a picture of these flowers, but Mr. Head had to get in there. He is very into that "I want to be in the picture" phase.
Here they are solo.
We stopped at the Multnomah Lodge for treats on the way home. Funny how I have been there so many times now, it was more about the ice cream than the waterfall. And it really is the most stunning one in the Gorge at least IMO (although there are many that are long hikes I haven't seen yet). You can't help but stop and admire it. But I got to wondering, do the people that work there just march into the building without even a glance? Seems hard to imagine, but I guess anything gets "ordinary" if you see it almost every day.

All I have to say is, if this hike is rated "Easy", we need to be getting more exercise!

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