Friday, August 14, 2009

Scans IV

On to a grouping of more recent stuff....

My niece Tessi. Gotta love these reflection pictures!
This is SUCH a weird photo of my dad, not really in a good way, but included more just because it is so weird! This was his work photo, and it doesn't even look like him to me. He doesn't look very happy, does he? I am pretty sure he always loved his job, but maybe he thought his badge needed the "serious face". But I will say this - he looks very Scottish to me here! Not something I ever really noticed about him, but I can see it here!
My grammy! At that same spot in Carpinteria. Wonder if it was the same trip as that one in the last bunch. We went all the time because my mom's brother lived there, so hard to know!
I have no idea where this was taken, but it is hilarious for the look on my mom's face! Gotta either be Idaho or maybe my dad's sister's farm.
My grandma and me. Looks like my second year at UCLA from the date.
This is a good memory! That is my brother, Chuck, Dad, and cousin Steve. We were camping along the Rogue river. This was one of the first trips where I was old enough to sit around the fire and drink with my brother LOL! We had some really deep conversations, and I remember it feeling like the first time I connected with him as a "peer". He is 11 years older than me, so took awhile for us both to be adults. :)
Dad and Uncle Cal. Wonder what flavor it was!
Me and my cousin Steve at my 21st birthday party! We both ended up sauced, but I am going to venture a guess he was ahead of me at this point hahahaha.
A great family picture with four generations! Dad, Mom, me with Sarah only about a month old, Grandma and Chuck.
This is one of those pictures I think I have always remembered a bit differently than it actually is... I guess because I remember myself and my mom. We looks so happy, while Aunt Joan and Nancy look so annoyed! I wonder why! This was taken at Papas n Beer in Ensenada, where we went for drinks while in dock on a cruise. Yeah, that was a killer strong margarita! They put Everclear in them there. One is enough to have you dancing your way back to the ship!
Same cruise. My mom and me with the captain. Funny story behind this picture. My mom always really looked forward to the whole cocktails and pictures with the captain thing they do, and for some reason, on this cruise, her picture with him didn't come out. So my mom, who was always a go getter in her own way, actually grabbed him in the hallway and told him what happened! So, not only did we get this picture, but we got a surprise invitation to dine at the Captain's Table slipped under our door! It was just like the Love Boat hahahaha. I ended up sitting next to the First Mate and driving him crazy because I kept saying "boat" instead of "ship".
My Grandma and Sarah. She must have been just over 1 as this is a Christmas party for sure.
Silly picture of Sarah and me I have always liked.
Another one of us not long after that and my silly permed hair.
LOVE this picture because these two have become total buddies now as adults! That is Sarah on the right and Amanda on the left, my cousin Dan's daughter.
Another cruise! Yeah, my mom loved to do that long weekend Ensenada cruise because it was cheap LOL, and if I recall correctly, this was one of a few we did for Thanksgiving. Nice way to not have to cook! And it also is usually close to Sarah's birthday (November 25). How many little girls get to have their birthday on a cruise ship? This is coming back to the SHIP from Catalina, which is obvious from the building in the back if you have ever been there. You can spy my mom in the dark sunglasses, a few people behind them, and part of me in a black hat.
Same cruise - my mom fixing my hair. I have never been able to do hair, but my mom was really good at it!
I have always loved this shot of Sarah in the snow!
It was pretty novel for a Socal girl! These were taken up near my friend Paul's place on the Angeles Crest Highway.
My mom with my grandma, just before she died. :( We were having a birthday party for her in the hospital.
One of the pictures from our brief move to Arizona. The best part about it was my sister lived there at the time, so Sarah got to spend time with her cousins, Rachel and Kristin.
And last but not least, a clip from the Oak Park newspaper from when Sarah was cheerleader. That is her on the far right, squeezing the sponge over some poor victim's head.

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