Saturday, August 8, 2009

My Dad's Baby Book!

This is from a two page spread in the back of a little booklet from when my dad was a baby. So yeah, like 80 years old! It is the weirdest mix of mostly bad advice with some good stuff mixed in I have ever seen!

Little Guest? Not sure if they are staying? WTF? What is a bath apron? Like a receiving blanket? Wonder what the cheesecloth was for.... Umbilical area maybe? And boric acid...? Love how it is all a mystery. The nurse or doctor will tell you.... You have not been initiated into the clan of parenthood yet. No info for you! And PLEASE don't forget, THE BABY MUST BE KEPT CLEAN! Good Lord, my kids are lucky to be alive.
Oh sheesh, this one really bothered me. All this horrid scheduling nonsense! And no longer than 20 minutes! I want to cry thinking about all the babies that were subjected to this. Regular habits make regular children? What the hell does regular mean? Certainly not what I would want in a child anyway! But mother's milk is the finest food. Thank God, the single most lovely thing in here. And plenty of water? Whywhywhywhywhy?
No arguments here. Guess they didn't have alot of artificial fabrics to choose from. Really curious about the knitted bands though.... Wonder if those were like the things we use to EC now.
OK, so I guess the bathing thing isn't a huge deal. There was much more concern about disease back then I am sure. But what is with the hour after feeding I wonder? More rigidity!
This was nice too. I was just thinking about the bygone emphasis on "fresh air" from something else I read recently. Wish that was something that had stuck around a little more....
BARF! Is this the military? And Orange juice? Ack!!! So glad the bowel action is on the schedule. LOL, are you kidding me? But the one little gem I loved was sleeping outdoors!
And finally, another wtf. Starts out great, then ends with a should? How contradictory is that?! And stiff soles? Boo. Also hate the choice of the word ANXIOUS.

Wow, what a TRIP this whole thing was!

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Melissa Zollner said...

My grandmother had the same one. I can't imagine having to keep all that stuff straight, my poor kid would end up pooping when she is supposed to be sleeping and eating when she is supposed to be drinking her orange juice. LOL!!!

My father in law's baby book had the "prescription" for formula from his doctor, I can't remember exactly what it was but something like condensed milk, water and sugar. Now, THAT explains a lot. j/k. well sort of kidding.