Saturday, August 8, 2009

Meandering Through the Wine Country

We decided to plan this break in our packing so we wouldn't go crazy. It was a really odd day for me, because I usually do alot of research and have things planned out, but I haven't had time. I did a brief look and found just one place I wanted to be sure to go, Archery Summit, but other than that figured we would play it by ear! What a concept!

Before we got to AS, we noticed a sign for Wine by Joe. We thought the name was so funny, we decided to stop!
Turned out it was the same maker as Dobbes, and they had some pretty good wines!

They recommended this little place to get some take out food for our lunch.
I thought their sign was really cute at first, but the more I look at it, it is kindof disturbing LOL. Considering the name, wouldn't a stack of veggies been better. Somehow the image of sticking a fork in those cute little folky animals is a bit sad. :( Food was really good though! I got a green salad and a side of a garbanzo bean curry salad that was delish!

Required shot of grape rows now out of the way.
We ate lunch on the patio of Archery Summit, while Akasha played on the steps and said hi to people.
She has gotten good at going up steps but hasn't figured the best way to come back down is feet first. At one point she was coming down hands first and was almost in a splits on the step above. It was hilarious. Wish I would have gotten a picture of that.

Dada phone! She says "po" now for phone, or sometimes "book" because it opens up!

There's the bubba!
She loves opening the phone because there is a picture of Orion inside.

What is it about a falling down barn that is so irresistable to the photographer side of me? I mean really, I have to laugh when I think it is probably a thorn in the side of the person who owns it!

Unknown to me farm equipment being collapsed on by the roof.
More mysterious equipment, being taken over by nature.
Probably lucky nothing fell on my head!
Just liked this window....
Apparently others find a deserted barn alluring as well....
This window very much gave me the feeling the vines were creeping in like snakes! Or aliens!!! Arrrggghhhh, run for you life!
Hmmm, why?
Life, minding its own business, outside.
I bet if I knew what this stuff was, it wouldn't seem so interesting to me LOL.
Life and decay....
OK, enough barn. We actually stopped there because Akasha was fast asleep in the car. Then we figured we would drive to a couple places closer to home to let her sleep a bit longer. So I think we officially went from the nicest winery to the... most humble in one spot. Archery Summit had wines selling for over $100! Our next stop was a little family owned place called Plum Hill. Cute older couple runs it, and we were greeted by their dog, Ghost. As the guy put it, "I don't make wines that anybody with alot of money would like." Hahahaha, they were awesome.

And last but not least, we snuck into Purple Cow just before 5. I was so glad we made this extra stop because the people were nice, it is fairly close to home and the wines were unusual and goooood. We will be back here. They even had two tempranillos! First I had seen in this area. They both rocked.
Nice day - now back to work!

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