Sunday, August 9, 2009

Garlic Festival

I have noticed ads for the Elephant Garlic Festival in North Plains every year since moving to Portland, and this year I decided to get out there! It was just OK I have to say. Either this wasn't a great festival, or maybe I am getting to be a critic in my old age, or both. It didn't help I was having a "bad leg day" as I have come to call them. And really, it wasn't very big, and there wasn't much for kids to do except for several bounce houses and slides that seemed really overpriced and overcontrolled in a weird way. Like the one in the picture was $2 for 3 trips through if I recall correctly, and each one had a slightly different pricing system. Way too complicated in my opinion, and it would have been GREAT if there was just some unlimited option you could buy. So it was just a long day of him begging for me to pay for things "one more time" and me deciding how much money I wanted to dump into stuff he can do for one low price at Out of this World.

This one was for sure Orion's favorite though. I was surprised as there was a long enclosed tunnel to go through before getting to the slide, and he usually doesn't like things like that. He is such a mystery to me in his unpredictability!

He was quite insistent about me taking several pictures of several different faces he made. Of course I wasn't even thinking about how none of them would come out with the little auto camera since the day was so bright and the opening of the thing was fairly dark. This was the best of the bunch with lightening, and still not very good. Oh well.
Oh, and the garlic ice cream was a big reject LOL.

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