Monday, August 3, 2009

First of many posts to come with old scanned photos

Looks like I did these most recent to oldest although I meant to do them the other way around! By my best guess anyway.

This is the only picture I have of my dad (I think) from before he met my mom. He doesn't remember where it was taken though! What a handsome devil he was.
This is my Grandma, out camping by the looks of it. Love the paper towels hanging on the tree. Good idea!
Another one of Gram. Pretty sassy outfit for those days!
Some of the Idaho relatives. I am planning to call my dad and write down as much of the family tree as he knows, so I will have it, then maybe follow up with my aunt, because I don't even know how these two are related to me! Just love the dresses in the snow though!
Grandma somewhere in the woods. Just love the mystical quality of this one. Although what is that she is holding? Probably something quite unromantic, like a fishing net.
My mom's 5th grade report card! Some of the stuff on here is so crazy. Worthy Home Membership? Worthy Use of Leisure? It is LEISURE people! Inherently not in the running for worth LOL! And other things bring up so many questions! Like why all the absences in the third period?
So she liked History but not Geography? Would think those go together kindof!
Just love love this next one more than I can say. My grandma and grandpa ("step") are the couple in the middle. Love that she is the only one wearing pants. Love their stance - they look kindof like gangsters LOL. Love the way my grandpa looks all cocky and taken with my grandma. Always thought it was pretty much a "marriage of convenience" for her after her first husband died, but looks like she liked him OK here. :)
This one seems so strange taken through the brush! That is my favorite uncle, Clare, with my Grandma. Again, not sure about the other people, although Rose was Kenny's mom I'm pretty sure, so this may all be his family. Wonder where my mom and the other two brothers were that day! Oh, maybe in school - Clare was the youngest.
My great grandma and grandpa. Her name was Erma, and she was alive until I was 16. I never knew her husband though. I think his name was Earl (another thing I have to check on .) I also have NO idea when this was taken. They seem so timeless.
Big jump here! There is that same Betty and Alice as babies! Bud is one of my mom's brothers, and my mom is Gloria.
This was a real treasure I had no idea my mom even had! The Marriage license of my grandma and my mom's actual biological father. 1923!

The man himself: Hugh James Thompson. My name would have been James Hugh if I was a boy.
Another treasure - an old Valentine from my grandpa to my grandma!

And the oldes picture of them all - my grandma as a little girl, and I think her brother with her.

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Tanya said...

Really, really neat Lisa. Such treasures!