Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Texans Visit Portland

Ron's half sister, Tracy, and her family took a trip out to the West Coast and stopped in Portland for a visit. They are going to drive out to the coast and make their way to California to see the rest of the family down there. I realized tonight this is a pretty lame title for his post, because I got almost no pictures of anybody but the kids! I know Tracy got more with her camera, so I am hoping she will send me some.

Started the day with lunch at Old Wives Tale. Orion was pretty bent on me taking a picture of him in every single one of these cut outs LOL. He found another little girl to play hide and go seek with and had a pretty good time!Akasha says, "I'm on a boat!" Sorry, had to be said.
Some of these are just so surreal! I think this was my favorite though.
Pat the papa. And yeah, that is Ron's sister on the right. I feel terrible this is the only picture I got of her!
Here is her daughter, Heidi, though. I'm sure she is gonna love me for this picture haha. She was a big help keeping an eye on Akasha, who was intent on going upanddownandupanddownandupanddown the stairs in the play structure. :)
Then it was on to the Rose Garden, and Orion was reunited with one of his favorite fountains.

One of Orion's many strange faces he was very specific about making.
Sniff! Wish I had known my hair was hanging in the photo at the time! Would have taken another one. She LOVES flowers!
Yo, hand signs and everything.
We had to get a photo of Miss Akasha Rose in front of this sign. We have pictures of Ron's mom, Rose, in the same spot from when she was here!

ETA: Oh my gosh, I almost forgot I took a video at the garden!

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