Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Scans II

OK, I think I got them in order from older to newer this time, again by my best guess.

This was a tiny little picture, and not in great shape. I think it is my mom and her brother, Bud, but I would love to see if somebody in the family can confirm that!
This was a cool thing to find. My mom often talked about not graduating from high school, so this was probably important to her.
I just love this one. I can't believe my mom is holding a pile of dogs! She always said she didn't like animals, but I guess it wasn't always that way! Also digging the box of Quaker Oats in the background haha.
This was part of a large collection that must have been taken when she was quite young, because I know she went blond quite young.
My brother Paul, who my mom had when she was 16.
This is one of my favorite pictures of my mom. She looks so pensive. I have no idea when it was taken, but she looks young, so I am putting it here!
All dressed up, and where was she going? And whose car was that?
Mom with Chuck Roberson. Hey, IMDB had no photo of him. Maybe I should send one in! After I loaded these, I got to thinking she might have dated him after her second husband, which would put these out of order. Really not sure, though, and don't really want to ask my dad as I think he was a sore subject LOL. My brother might know though...
Really sad - I never knew til looking at the trivia in IMDB that he was one of the many people that died of cancer after being part of The Conqueror cast. :(

Pretty sure this was when they went to visit the studios while The Alamo was being filmed. Not sure who these two actors are, though, or the name of my mom's friend.
Revue Studios! Love the glasses, love the dresses, love the bags, love the hair, LOVE THE CAR!
He looks so contemporary in this one!
Mom, Grandma and Aunt Martha, all dolled up for something!
My mom with my brother Chuck as a baby. Look at that jaunty scarf! She looks a bit sad and tired, though, I think. I know this was not a happy marriage....
One of my mom's many bathing beauty shots, again, no idea when it was taken!
The famous shot of my mom and brother on the front page of the newspaper. I want to take a picture of the whole thing and will add it here when I do.
The next two are my brother Paul's daughter, from his first marriage. Her name was Kristin I think. I never met her.

My favorite uncle, Clare, (my mom's brother), and his wife, Neda. I think it is actually Laneda, not sure about the spelling though. Looks like they are passing a cigarette. How romantic.
Same couple. Again, wonder what they were dressed up for!
With their daughter Patty.
Random shot of my Uncle Bud and Aunt Martha. Not sure who the other guys are.
A family favorite - the 3 hombres! Cal, Clare and Bud.

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