Saturday, May 17, 2008

Pam's Home Visit and my Mama Blessing

What a long but happy day! I had a pretty good feeling that the baby turned yesterday, but since I had taken the trouble to go pick up a Moxibustion stick from Dr. Means, we went ahead and did it a bit before Pam was due to arrive. I think the main thing that was supposed to accomplish was lots of movement, but instead she seemed quieter than usual, so who knows! As it turns out, Pam is pretty certain she is head down now anyways! Did it happen last night? Ron and I both think so, but there is no way to know for sure. It could have been even sooner.

So here is part of my birthing space, at least as it is set up for today. The couple smaller scarves you can see are two of several I brought back from my mom's place. The bigger one is right above where the birth pool is going to go.

Here is a close up of the altar as it was before the Blessing. You can't really see it, but the blob at the top right is my birth bundle. It contains 3 objects, one that represents me, one for Ron, and one for the baby. I'll open it when I'm in labor. There is also a Kwan Yin, an Aztec birthing goddess, a few of my favorite tarot cards and a few other things. At the bottom right is something I made during Birthing From Within that I thought would be good for holding beads.
Thankfully Corina was happy to take some pictures. You can't see it, but I am getting a *double* foot massage from Arwyn and Rachele in this picture! I can't tell you how decadent I felt. :) And the marvelous Emily brought me my flower crown.
I wish I remember what Angie and I were laughing at, but it must have been good!
Here I am while wrapping the yarn on my arm and speaking my female line.
More yarn. My super cool midwife Pam is on the right, and her also super cool assistant Lennon is in the middle. And that is my friend Amoreena on the left (super cool as well of course).
A tribe of beautiful women all tied together.
Am I falling asleep?
I also got a bunch of wonderful beads from these amazing mamas. Emily even brought an angel for my mama. That is the gold one on the top right. The Goddess on the right is from Rachele, and was made by a local glassblower, although I had to joke I would never have those boobs!

And I had to include a picture of the splendiferous chocolate raspberry cake made by Will (Kristin's husband). It took him 2 days to make! Kristin was the official hostess of the Blessing, even though we decided to have it here so the space itself could be blessed.

It was a great day, even though it had to be in the middle of a weird unseasonal heat wave, but wow was I tired later.

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The Noble Fat N Happy One said...

i am so sad to have missed it. before she arrives i would like to put a blessing on you and spend some time sending her peaceful journey vibes.
i love you mama. you are amazing and beautiful and its an honor to call myself your friend.