Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mixed Mother's Day and Josh's Genius

Mother's Day was mixed, as you might imagine. It didn't even dawn on me that we would be in CA for it until a few days after I got there. Then the thought was so depressing I kindof put it out of my head. Then Sarah said she wanted to come and make me dinner, and I realized there was still that flipside part of it for me.

During the day, Sarah and Josh offered to watch Orion for a bit while I got out of the house and ran some errands. They took a few pictures while I was gone.

He looks sad in this one, but cute.

This was cracking me up how he had this random of assortment things in this little wagon he wanted to take to the park.

Then when I got home, I found out she had been working with Orion to make this great card! Notice that is both their handprints on the front.
Then she found two pictures of me - one with each of them - and helped Orion right the letters and heart so she could cut them out. Best Mother's Day card ever. :)

Then Sarah and Josh made dinner and actually set up the whole dining room area, which my mom would have liked, and they did all the dishes!

I also wanted to write a bit more about how great Josh is with kids. I swear he is a better "parent" than I am, and such a natural Playful Parent. Apparently, he has had some anger problems in the past, and I said to him I couldn't even imagine that. They both kindof rolled their eyes and said it is all about the situation. He is SO patient with Orion, and I said I wondered if he would start to get to him if he had to spend all day with him, and he said, "Oh no! Having kids around keeps me grounded!" Hmm. Some big food for thought for me. Orion is my biggest challenge but Josh's biggest joy? There is a lesson there for sure.

Just a couple examples of his playful approach:

When we were at TGM the day before, Orion was not wanting to get in the car. At one point, he ran out into the street, and when I reached out to grab him, he freaked out of course. I was totally losing my patience, and Josh just hollered, "Hey Orion, let's play a game!" I don't remember the details, but he immediately turned getting into his carseat into some kind of fun thing.

Then at bathtime on Mother's Day, he got out of the tub and Sarah was trying to get him in a towel. He was running around like a nut, and she was getting annoyed. Ever cheerful Josh just says, "Oh, he wants to get dried off the cool way," and whips out his blowdryer. Oh my God, Orion loved it! Totally genius. I don't even own a blow dryer, but I think I am going to take my mom's home with me.

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