Friday, May 16, 2008

Cool Peggy O'mara Poem

I am glad I got almost everything done yesterday, because today I am feeling totally overdrawn, exhausted, in pain and HOT. Our house gets so horrid with no air conditioning, so I feel like a complete lump and am just trying to get at least a little caught up on email and Blogging. Somebody on the Mothering forums made a comment that reminded me of this poem I remembered seeing a long time ago. I took the time to hunt it down, so I thought I would share it here as well.

There Will Be Time
There is time still
for sitting in cafes
in Paris
sipping wine.
Time still
for going to meet
the guru.
There is time still.
Now I am caring for eternity.
Carrying bodies soft with sleep
to beds of flowered
quilts and pillows.
Answering cries deep out of
nighttime fears.
Buckling shoes.
Opening doors.
My soul now is dwelling in
the house of tomorrow.
Tomorrow there will be time
for long leisurely conversations,
for poems to write,
and dances to perform.
Time still.
So I surrender now
to them and this,
knowing it is they
who will teach me
how to do it all.

Peggy O'Mara

I find this really poignant while looking ahead at new motherhood once again. So many people told me I was crazy for starting over even when I got pregnant with Orion, but I know, even at 41, that there will be time.

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